Monday, January 24, 2011


     As way of introductions, my name is Bri Lynaugh.  Don't worry, it's a lot easier to pronounce than you think.  I actually just moved down here to go to school at UC Irvine to study Anthropology and Religious Studies.  I moved from Folsom which is in Sacramento County and I'm definitely still adjusting to life in southern California.  I don't need any of my winter jackets and I have to take at least three highways to get anywhere...But despite all the adjustments, I've really liked it down here so far.  I love being close to Disneyland and I'm really enjoying all of my classes.  Except Stats.  I hate stats.  So I guess it goes without saying that I am also very new to Rock Harbor as well.  I attended one of the Sunday night services the first week I moved down here and I've been hooked ever since.  I feel so fortunate to have gotten lucky and found a good church home on my first try. 
     I grew up going to a smaller church in Folsom, called Oak Hills.  I was very involved, both as a participant and as a leader.  I've been teaching Sunday school for the last four years or so and helping out in the classroom for five years prior to that.  I would most definitely say that Oak Hills provided a strong foundation for my faith.  I've always considered myself a Christian because I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was very young and because I would heavily involve myself in leadership roles in my church.  But it wasn't until about seven months ago that I realized I had become almost too comfortable or lukewarm in my faith.  I felt as though I was at a standstill--neither moving forward nor taking steps backward.  For a long time I had been burying myself in my teaching, but I was doing nothing to enrich myself.  I attended a college group with a friend back in June at a large church in Granite Bay callled Bayside.  I was overwhelmed by the staggering amount of people my own age in one room all worshipping God.  The message was refreshing and encouraging to me.  For so long I had become too conditioned by what I was used to.  For the first time in recent times I could feel God stirring in my heart.  I guess that night was like a wake-up call to me to get back on track in my spiritual life.  It was like be welcomed home after a long out of town visit to an unfamiliar place.  I cannot even express how glad I am to be back.  The months throughout the summer I reveled in the fulfilling relationships I found I could have with fellow believers.  To be perfectly frank I was absolutely terrified to be leaving all of that behind when I moved down here for school.  At first it was very difficult.  I can honestly say that my first month down here--made complicated by other personal losses--was among the worst of my life.  But, ever the eternal optimist, I have come to love this new start I have been given.  I am so excited to begin building a community in the fellowship of Christ here in my new home.  I have a lot of uncertainties about my future, but I am becoming more convicted everyday to rely on the peace of the Lord. 
     I guess that was a lot of information for an "about me" post, but I think it's important to explain where I am spiritually.  I am so ready for Circles!  I'm probably not alone when I say that I'm not one hundred percent sure that I know what it has in store for each of us, but I am excited nonetheless!  I would like to end this lengthy introduction with a few random facts about me that may or may not spark a conversation later.  So thank you for reading and I can't wait to get to know all of you in the coming months!

-I was born in Dallas, Texas.
-I have never been outside the United States.
-I have a startling amount of owl jewelry and knick-nacks.
-I play air guitar with my left hand...I am right handed.  
-I brought home two ducklings one day after school and raised them in a kiddie pool in our backyard.  I live in a residential neighborhood.  My parents were less than thrilled.
-I don't eat any kind of melon. 
-My right shoulder is slightly higher than my left shoulder.